HO CHI MINH CITY (Oct 19, 2001) – Financial problems are affecting the participation of two leading Vietnamese clubs this season, Song Lam Nghe An and HCM City Police, in international tournaments.

SLNA, the league champs, and HCM City, claim that competing in international inter-club tournaments were expensive. Furthermore, Vietnamese clubs have not enjoyed much success abroad.

“It’s a waste of time and money especially when we have to face such strong opponents,” one coach was quoted as saying in Vietnam News. “With no hope of winning, there is no point. We just spend money and lose prestige.”

VFF general secretary, Pham Ngoc Vien, had an opposing view to offer. He said staying away from such events had a negative effect on the national game.

He said competing in internationals helped raise the standard of the teams and improve integration and development. “Withdrawals may hurt us.”

Meanwhile, the Vietnam News reported that there were calls to the Federation to consider increasing the prize money for the V-League and National Cup winners. They also want the current US$7,000 provided in financial assistance to travelling teams to be doubled.

The teams also want more help in overcoming the logistical problems associated with competing abroad.


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