One of the richest nations in the world, this oil-rich state has been involved in the game for many years. But many of the competitions that they have participated in have been confined to regional tournaments like the biennial Southeast Asian Games and the Tiger Cup.They have taken part in the qualifying rounds of the World Cup and Asian Cup but have not gone far. With the right support and backing the game is bound to develop.

On the local front, Brunei does not have a professional local league. Their amateur leagues are contested at regional level. The Brunei team currently competes in the Malaysian professional league and has been progressing well in recent years. The team, which was once easily beaten, is now ranked among the best in the Malaysian league and has even qualified for the semifinals of the championship. Brunei won the Malaysian league’s premier tournament, the malaysia cup, in 1999.


Fast Facts
Climate: Hot and humid. Due to its proximity to the sea, it can be cool at times. Heavy rainfall normally occurs around the months of December and January. The rain during this season can last for days on end. The temperature is usually between 22 and 30 degrees centigrade.

Geography: This small nation is divided into two tracts of land and is separated by a strip of Sarawak. The western part, which is the larger of the two, is home to the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan.

Population:It has the smallest population amongst the countries in the South East Asian region. The figure is currently around 400,000.

Economy: Businesses naturally revolve around the mainstay of the Brunei economy – the petroleum and liquefied natural gas industry. A large number of Brunei people are also involved in fishing and agriculture.

Religion: The official religion of this country is Islam. Although an Islamic nation, the constitution allows for other religions to be practised as well.

Language: Malay is the official language but English is widely spoken too.

Currency: The Brunei dollar is the official denomination. The Singapore currency, which is of the same value, is also widely accepted. (US$1 equals B$1.65).